Epifanes Fibreglass Prep Cleaner

Manufacturer Epifanes

Epifanes Fiberglass Prep Cleaner is a degreaser for fiberglass, bare steel, alloy and epoxy resin. Perfectly removes all wax, fiberglass agents oil, grease, tar or any other contamination of gel coat. For the removal of fiberglass objects formed by mall, the inside of the mall is coated with a waxy substance. Parts of this waxy substance are left on the gel coat and can remain for years on the gel coat. Before a paint system can be applied and in order to secure bonding with the gel coat this waxy substance must be fully removed. If the gel coat is not (fully) degreased, adhesion on the gel coat is minimal and any paint system will fail. Degreasing must be executed before sanding in order to avoid sanding the way substance into the sand marks. Epifanes Fiberglass Prep Cleaner is not suited for degreasing one-component paint or varnish systems.

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