Interfill 830 is the PREMIUM choice of profiling fillers for professional applicators. It has been extensively tested in our laboratories and in the field to the most exacting standards. High expectations and stringent industry requirements have made Interfill 830 one of the most popular fairing compounds in the world. Whether it is used to reshape or repair a keel or beautify a Superyacht construction, Interfill 830 is the product that offers long-term performance of superior quality.

Key features and benefits

  • Interfill 830 is available in both standard and fast cure versions, to provide maximum flexibility for application in a variety of conditions
  • When the fast curing agent is used at temperatures around 23o C / 73o F the filler can be sanded and overcoated in 6 hours
  • The fast curing agent offers overcoating a soon as the fillers is sandable at all temperatures
  • Interfill 830 has extremely low density, and is one of the lightest yacht epoxy fillers available in the marketplace
  • Interfill 830 can fill up to 2cm in one application, without the risk of sagging / slumping
  • The high strength, waterproof formulation is very easy to sand using 80-180 grade paper
  • Fully compatible with International’s Interfill 833 finishing filler
  • Simple 1:1 mix ratio

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