Interprime 820 is a high performance two-component epoxy- amine primer and one of the very key products in International’s Professional Paint Systems. Interprime 820 is specially formulated to suit the requirements of an anticorrosive holding primer as well as a sealer primer. This makes it ideal for use on both new build construction and repair jobs.

This High Performance Epoxy Primer has been widely used in European yards over the last decade. Its popularity also extends to North American yards. Due to its success, Interprime 820 is now available world-wide.

Interprime 820 has proven most popular among a variety of high profile Superyacht builders around Europe. One of the reasons for this is its ‘easy sanding’ attribute, which allows for high quality results to be achieved faster.

Product features include:

  • Excellent anticorrosive protection
  • Superb adhesion to High Performance Fairing Compounds such as Interfill 830
  • Suitable as a holding primer to steel and aluminium
  • Fully compatible with International’s Interspray Solvents, Thinner 900 series
  • Available in two colours for easy overcoating identification

Interprime 820 can be used on rigid wood and is also suitable as a surface primer for gelcoat/composite. Together with a tie coat such as Interprotect and a high performing International antifouling, Interprime 820 will provide the ultimate protection scheme for the hull.

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